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Here is some information on services that Drain Right Guttering provides. Click through the listed items below for more information.

Drain Right Guttering offers several types of gutter systems. We offer 5" and 6" seamless aluminum gutters, 7" gutters, copper gutters, half-round gutters, and custom gutters. Our seamless gutters are custom–made on location in our truck.

We use only heavy–duty hidden hangers with a 1–1/2" wood screw to secure our gutter systems to your home. We do not use the old fashioned spikes. Gutter spikes work themselves out of the wood with the expansion and contraction of the metal and will eventually fall out.

Drain Right's seamless aluminum gutters are available in 22 colors and have a 20–year limited manufacturer's warranty on materials.

Residential (K style)

Most homes have "K" style (also called Ogee) guttering. This type of gutter comes in both 5" and 6" sizes. The length of the gutter required is made to order on location. Most straight guttering pieces are seamless up to approximately 60 feet. Beyond 60 feet, may require an expansion joint to allow the gutter to expand and contract during extreme hot and cold temperatures without warping or kinking.

Box Gutter

Drain Right Guttering's Box gutter is typically used for commercial applications. A 6" box gutter is common, however, 7" or greater may be required to handle the water shed from the roof of a large building.

Half Round (Copper, Aluminum or Galvanized)

Drain Right Guttering's Half Round guttering is installed on homes, often to create a "retro" look, as this type of guttering was used prior to 1950. The downspouts used with this type of guttering are either 3" or 4" round. Half round guttering is typically seamed in 20 foot sections. They are hung using your choice of 5 different brackets, depending on the guttering requirements as well as the desired appearance.

Specialty Gutters

Guttering and downspouts have been manufactured in various shapes and sizes over the years. Drain Right Guttering can match an existing guttering system to meet your design criteria.

  • Residential (K Style)K Style Gutters
  • Box GutterBox Gutters
  • Half RoundHalf Round Gutters
  • Round DownspoutRound Downspout
  • Specialty GutterSpecialty Gutters


Most residences use aluminum, although for a specific purpose or to achieve a particular look, some homeowners choose copper, galvanized or galvalume ( a combination of aluminum and galvanized metals). Aluminum is available in 22 standard colors. In addition, special order colors are available. Please note: These colors are meant to be a guideline only.

Available Colors

  • AlmondAlmond
  • Antique IvoryAntique Ivory
  • BlackBlack
  • Brown (Cocoa)Cocoa Brown
  • Brown (Musket)Musket Brown
  • Brown (Royal)Royal Brown
  • ClayClay
  • CopperCopper
  • CreamCream
  • Dark BronzeDark Bronze
  • Forrest GreenForrest Green
  • Grey (Colonial)Colonial Grey
  • Grey (Dove)Dove Grey
  • Grey (Pearl)Pearl Grey
  • Grey (Tuxedo)Tuxedo Grey
  • LinenLinen
  • RedRed
  • TerratoneTerratone
  • Traditional BlueTraditional Blue
  • WickerWicker
  • White 30°White 30
  • White 80°White 80

Gutter Shelter™ offers you the perfect solution to prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutter. No more gutters to clean, no more ladders to climb. This innovative product guarantees you hassle–free, debris shedding gutter guards.

Gutter Shelter has a limited lifetime warranty. If for any reason you were to move, the limited lifetime warranty will transfer to the new home owner.

Gutter Shelter's unique design utilizes water adhesion in which the water follows the aluminum gutter cover and flows directly into the gutter (up to 22" per hour). The debris falls right off! Best of all, the harder it rains, the better Gutter Shelter works.

Save time and money by avoiding damage to your home's exterior with Gutter Shelter.


  • Do I need to replace my existing gutters to install Gutter Shelter?
  • No, Gutter Shelter was designed to install over your existing gutters and downspouts.
  • How does it work?
  • Gutter Shelter uses the science of Liquid Adhesion. Hold a glass on its side, under running water. The water molecules adhere to the glass, flowing down and around to the underside before falling off.
  • How will Gutter Shelter look on my home?
  • Gutter Shelter is a low profile gutter protection system. Designed to match your gutter, it is available in thirteen popular gutter colors. The Gutter Shelter system is barely visible from the ground.
  • My roof is very steep, will Gutter Shelter work?
  • Gutter Shelter is engineered to handle heavy rainfall on most roof pitches.
  • Will Gutter Shelter affect my roof warranty?
  • No, unlike many gutter protection systems that need to be screwed to your roof, Gutter Shelter slides under your shingles with no penetration through the roof.

These drop-in screens are manufactured by Spectra, a leading company in aluminum rainware. Drop-in screens are an affordable/effective solution to your gutter protection needs.

Drop-in screens are offered in a wide variety of both steel and aluminum gutter screen. Ask a Drain Right Guttering sales rep for details and availability in your area.

  • Spectra Metals
  • Drop-In Screen

When you get the Shur Flo gutter protection system, you put an end to clogged, overflowing gutters. With Shur Flo, rainwater from your roof drains through the patented perf-flow filtration system into your gutters while debris stays on top and blows away in the wind.

Shur Flo is installed to fit snugly to the top of your gutters. The low profile makes it virtually invisible from the ground. Since they are installed on top of your gutters, there is no lifting or penetration of your roofing material.


  • Will anything clog Shur Flo?
  • No, the perf flow drain holes allow only water to enter your gutters. Your gutter will always remain free flowing.
  • Will Shur Flo work during heavy rainfalls?
  • Shur Flo's capacity for water greatly exceeds U.S. record rainfall amounts.
  • Will I have to replace my gutters?
  • No, Shur Flo can be installed on 5" or 6" gutters. Unless damaged, there is no need to replace your existing gutters.
  • How long will Shur Flo last?
  • Manufactured with hi temper aluminum, it will never rust, rot or distort. Shur Flo is also backed up with a 20 year warranty.
  • Will Shur Flo work with metal, shake, or tile roofs?
  • Yes, Shur Flo is installed on top of your gutters. It performs well with any type of roof material or roof pitch.
  • Will Shur Flo work when covered with wet leaves or pine needles?
  • Yes, testing shows Shur Flo's filtration system keeps working even when covered by wet leaves or debris.
  • Shur Flo
  • Shur Flo
  • Shur Flo

A rain barrel will save most homeowners about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months. Saving water not only helps protect the environment, it saves you money and energy. Diverting water from storm drains also decreases the impact of runoff to streams and rivers. A rain barrel is an easy way for you to help the environment and have a consistent supply of clean, fresh water for outdoor use, FREE.

The remarkable SpringSaver rain barrel has brought loaded function and design to water conservation at an incredible value. It offers generous 50 gallon capacity with dual spigot access to accommodate user preferences, quad overflow connections for dispersing water effectively to drainage or irrigation, a recessed top that prevents splashing or spilling and a downpour overflow channel to manage flash storms (compare this feature closely - it's a real storm management solution that other barrels haven't solved).

When flash rainstorms occur, the high volume overflow channel will divert water forward to minimize spilling around barrel base and alternate back overflows can also be used to divert overflow to watering areas. Conveniently, the hose threaded spigot can be set up at either top or bottom height for user preferences. This allows full barrel capacity access or watering can filling from the upper access. The SpringSaver includes mosquito and debris screen and is created with the community mandated closed safety design to prevent accidents for children, pets or wildlife.

Features of the SpringSaver Rain Barrel:

  • free 4 ft. overflow/linking kit
  • quad overflow (hose compatible)
  • stores 50 gallons
  • compact flatback design
  • recessed low-splash top
  • flash storm channel
  • threaded spigot (2 access points)
  • corrosion proof intake screen
  • size: 24 x 19 x 33" tall
  • high density polyethylene
  • Rain Barrels
  • Rain Barrel
  • Rain Barrel
  • Rain Barrel
  • Rain Barrel
  • Rain Barrel

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